Benefits of a Wheel Alignment

Need to Set Things Straight? Get a Wheel Alignment Today

Five Perks of Getting a Wheel Alignment

Most drivers understand the importance of regular oil changes. But what about getting a wheel alignment? While you only need an alignment about every 10,000 miles or once a year, this simple service comes with tons of benefits, including better fuel economy and a smoother ride. If your vehicle is overdue for a wheel alignment, call the auto repair specialists at Webster’s Import Service in Greensboro, North Carolina, today.

Here are five perks of wheel alignment.

Better Fuel Efficiency

>A misalignment can negatively affect your gas mileage, decreasing it by as much as 10%. Misalignments cause your tires to drag, making your car work harder, not smarter. Getting a wheel alignment conserves fuel and keeps more money in your wallet.

A Smooth Ride

Misaligned wheels can result in a herky-jerky ride. When your car pulls too far to one side due to misalignment, it can be both uncomfortable and unsafe. A wheel alignment will vastly smooth out your ride, increasing handling and enjoyment.

Reduces Auto Repair Costs

Driving with a bad alignment can lead to bigger problems than just an unsmooth ride. Essential systems, including your suspension and steering systems, in your vehicle will take a beating. This can lead to expensive auto repair services. By being proactive and getting an annual wheel alignment, you can avoid costly repairs.

Better Handling

Maintaining control of your vehicle at all times is critical for your safety and the safety of others. A misalignment can make it tough to steer. You may even have to hold the steering wheel at an odd angle to keep your car driving straight. This can increase your chances of an accident. To stay safe and secure, get your wheels aligned.

Long-Lasting Tires

A misalignment will make your tires wear out faster. Premature and uneven tire wear means that you need to replace your tires more frequently.

Expert Wheel Alignment Services

If you need a wheel alignment, schedule an appointment at Webster’s Import Service in Greensboro, North Carolina. Call us now at 336-393-0023 to book your appointment. We’ll repair your car and get you back on the road right away.

Written by Websters Import Service