Careers In Auto Repair

There are always opportunities for individuals to be a part of the auto repair industry. More vehicles on the road means a greater need for automotive technicians and auto repair shops. Even if you’re a car enthusiast, you may not be interested in a career in auto repair. While anybody can choose to do it, it does require a unique passion and skill set to be successful. However, even if you aren’t Mr. Fix-It, there may be a career in auto repair for you. 

Focus on yourself for a second. Are you a people-person? Do you like puzzles? Are you good with numbers? Are you a Creative? Now these questions represent just a few of the skill-sets associated with any successful auto repair shop. The goal is to pinpoint your specialty and expound upon it. You can be an asset to any top-notch repair shop, like Webster’s Import Service in Greensboro, NC, if that’s what you decide. The following are a few of the Top Careers in the aftermarket Auto Repair Industry.

Auto Technician

Like a hospital would cease being a hospital without doctors and nurses, an auto repair shop without technicians would eventually turn into a junkyard. So the Auto Technician is the lifeblood of any repair shop. Most technicians start with a natural affinity for car repairs and continue receiving automotive education and certifications. If you’re willing to put in the time, have the talent, and have the passion, Auto Technician just might be the career in auto repair for you.

Service Advisor

The last time you visited an auto repair shop, especially a larger franchise shop, you probably dealt with a Service Advisor. This is the liaison between the customer who brings in their vehicle and the technicians. Communication is such an important part of any relationship, and that’s especially true for the customer-technician relationship. The Service Advisor makes sure nothing about your service is lost in translation, and schedules the service work on your vehicle. The customer friendly Service Advisor is also part salesperson.

Repair Specialist

Maybe you’re not enthusiastic about working on cars like other technicians. That’s why it’s important to discover which part of auto repair you are passion about and pursue it. For instance, it’s possible that you really dislike looking under the hood, repairing and replacing parts, and learning to use new service equipment. However, you may have passion for electrical wiring. Electrical specialist is certainly a specialty for which you could make yourself an expert, along with A/C repair, tire service, and more. 

Hybrid / Eco-Friendly Service Provider

Hybrid repair could be considered another specialty, but the growth of Hybrid vehicles allows some repair shops to only service Hybrids. This may be the future for us all, given the increased numbers of environmentally-conscious drivers. Any repair shop with a mind towards protecting the environment might be interested in partnering with employees with the same mind set. Going “green” is a transition with which some auto repair shops may not be completely familiar. Be an integral part of saving the planet one repair shop at a time.

Shop Manager

The Shop Manager is someone knowledgeable about the auto repair industry. An auto repair shop is much more broken cars coming in and fixed cars leaving. There’s a lot before, in the middle, and after that must be handled. Shop manager is responsible for making sure everyone has everything they need to do their jobs, and do them safely according to regulations. Maintaining equipment, government standards, dispatching work, and much more all fall on the shoulders of the Shop Manager.

Written by Websters Import Service